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Lush, natural, organic and textural are just a few words to describe Botanica’s signature style.  Some might say ‘gardeny’ but we can pretty much do whatever style is called for. We focus on using local, sustainable and organically grown flowers and botanicals to create a one of a kind floral experience for your wedding.  We work closely with many NW growers in order to provide you with the freshest flowers, seasonal botanicals, fruit, berries and other natural & unique elements to make your wedding or event easy on the planet while not compromising on style or pizzazz. 

We love being part of the design process from the beginning to help create the overall look and feel of the wedding. This helps the floral aspect fit in organically with the rest of the design and décor.

Along with weddings and events, we offer a full range of floral services including corporate flowers & plants, tributes and memorials, daily deliveries and more.


“Wow, Josef blew me away with how talented he is. The flowers were UNREAL gorgeous and they were exactly what I had always imagined. Now keep in mind that I know nothing about flowers... my now husband and I went into the first meeting knowing a general color scheme and feel that we liked, but didn't know how to explain it. Josef was able to guide us through the entire process and executed it flawlessly. He was so responsive and easy to work with which was really only a bonus. I highly, highly recommend!” - Taylor 9/23/17

"I would recommend Botanica in a heartbeat. Our flowers were just gorgeous!" - Kathryn M.

“Josef was wonderful to work with! He was recommended as top notch by my wedding consultant Jenn at Awe Productions and he delivered in spades. I met with Joseph twice before the wedding - once at a show to see his display and second to go through actual flowers and look through the pinterest board of ideas I had. He and I worked out a general concept for my bouquet and my MOH bouquet and I let him take it from there. We had a kind of complex request also in that we wanted an arch for the ceremony that "wasn't too flowery, but not too much branch, but not too urban" - I wasn't too terribly worried, but it was one of those let it go moments. Day of, I snuck out of photos at a quiet moment to see the ceremony space and almost burst into tears at the sight of the beautiful arch - he had nailed what I was trying to describe in such a beautiful way and it looked so gorgeous behind us in photos. Josef was also very good at making sure to guide me to flowers that fit my budget and keeping into what was in season or he could get fresh. He had a good selection if you wanted outside of that, but I appreciated his awareness of budget constraints balanced with look/feel desires. Would definitely recommend Botanica to other couples looking for flower magicians!” –   Jessica - 9/30/17

“We have had an amazing experience working with Josef of Botanica. He immediately understood my vision and was able to guide me in the right direction and even point out blooms and accents I hadn't thought of before but am so excited about! Josef is quick to respond and willing to work with any budget.” – Katie 8/13/16

“Josef did a phenomenal job on our wedding flowers. He was highly recommended by our wedding planner. The three of us met and when I told him how I envisioned my wedding, he immediately knew what to do with flowers. On our wedding day, all the flowers were absolutely amazing and fresh. I was so happy at how they turned out, and how well it fit with the vision I had for my wedding flowers. The bonus to Josef’s flowers was that they were all locally grown, which was important for us. I would highly recommend Josef for any occasion.” – Houng T.  7/30/16

“I've been a fan of Botanica's creations for years and it's the first place I thought of when I started considering wedding bouquets. Josef was really easy to work with - he gave great suggestions, listened, and crafted the perfect bouquet for me. Nearly everyone at the wedding (ok, it was a small wedding - maybe 25 people...but still!) commented on how lovely the bouquet was; it was perfect. I'll keep Botanica at the top of my list and highly recommend them to anyone in the market for unique and memorable arrangements.” – Erin M. 8/13/16

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3318 NE Wasco St
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