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OPAL 28 IS AN INTIMATE SPACE - EVOKING A FEELING OF TOGETHERNESS. Our versatile vintage property can host a myriad of event styles. From birthday dance parties, elegant wedding ceremonies, formal seated dinners, corporate meetings & more. The 2,600 square foot space includes a private patio, two “great rooms," built in OLCC bar, in-house catering accommodations. We are a locally Portland owned & operated team of party starters & we can’t wait to hear from you!


My daughter selected Opal 28 for her September 16th wedding reception for 58 guests. I cannot say enough about how wonderful every single aspect of planning the event was, from the initial consult through year long communications, to the execution of the reception. It was pretty stress-free.
We loved the vegan options for appetizers and entrees and the table service was perfect. I would recommend taking Margot's suggestion of hiring Kristi, their event coordinator. I could not have done the decorating in time if I was doing it myself, which was the original plan. The entire staff was very accommodating, personable yet professional. I would also recommend taking advantage of renting the small apartments upstairs from the venue. We highly recommend Opal28 for their unique atmosphere, fabulous staff , attention to detail and great food options for vegans and vegetarians. -Jamilla , 9/16/17

God, where to start? Seriously, everything was perfect! First, we switched venues about 3 months before the wedding because we had a smaller guest list than anticipated (it was a destination wedding for everyone). I was stressed, looking for a venue that was small, in our price range, and could offer the 1920s feel for our themed wedding. I had originally passed over this venue initially because I wasn't sure if it would fit the theme. I was so wrong to do that! We finally went in to look at the venue and the website did not do it justice. The space is beautiful and flexible, it was literally transformed to a romantic, vintage but glam lounge. It was better than anything I had imagined and planned for! Kristi was phenomenal to work with from the start. She was responsive to emails, super friendly, and worked great with our wedding coordinator to ensure our vision was carried out. They even let us use one of the apartments to wait in before the ceremony since we got ready at the hotel, and had two bottles of champagne waiting for us. It's the little things that are important to me. The small details such as having our signature drinks waiting for us when we got back from photos around the city during cocktail hour, to making sure we were fed first so we didn't starve all evening. Kristi even special ordered the gin we wanted for one of the signature drinks and the team also offered champagne in the dining room right before the toasts. We were even able to send in our recipe for the bartender to use. The venue was full service and had our decor cleaned up and ready for our parents to take after the sparkler send off, which was impressive! That way no one had to wait around after. I appreciated everything Opal 28 had to offer and highly recommend them for any event! -Lyssi, 3/5/17

The thing about wedding receptions is you only get one shot to host all the the people you love the most. There are so many "places with potential" or "this might work" type feelings it seems. For us, and our experience, we had none of those thoughts or worries and that is because we chose to host our wedding day at Opal 28 with Margot and her staff. We sincerely thank them and wish them nothing but continued success.
We hosted 65 guests for both our ceremony and the reception. Opal 28 is the ideal event space for events of this size. That's not to say the space couldn't host double that size. In fact, for wedding planning it was nice to know that no matter how many people ended up coming Opal 28 could handle it. Love the centrally located bar which allowed guests to move around comfortably from the beautiful patio to the inside rooms. Margot does a phenomenal job of helping to decorate and knows just how to organize the space according to the needs of the night. It is such a unique and wonderful space and the apartments for rent above are fabulous as well and hosted our bridal party beautifully- so convenient and easy! From start to finish we felt cared for. Margot seemed to have it all. Extra flatware, the ability to be flexible (still appreciate the substitute last minute beer request), energy, and organizational skills. We'd be so happy to attend someone else's wedding at Opal 28! -Marjani, 8/1/15

First and foremost, if you are looking for a one-of-a-kind, vintage style, fun, intimate, classy venue, look no further. Opal 28 is all of that plus more! Honestly if we were to have another celebration, whether it's a birthday or anniversary, we won't hesitate to rent Opal 28's space again!
We had our Opal 28 wedding last month, May 2017. We rented 2 rooms upstairs and checked-in a few days earlier as we were having a destination wedding (all our 65 guests were from out-of-state). We blocked rooms at a different hotel close by (don't hesitate to contact me if you have any questions where). Our rooms were ready, had a champagne on the table for us and Kristi was available to answer whatever questions we had (and that was Wednesday, still 4 days before the wedding).
One of the things that I love about Opal is their flexibility. We changed our guest count so many times and yet they were able to accommodate us. I had very specific vision with decorations (we created all our decors and ordered bulks of flowers) and they were so talented in decorating the place, they made our vision came to life (it's cheesy to say but very true!)! They honestly made wedding planning so fun and not stressful at all! They were available throughout the whole process and answered all questions promptly (end of the day or within the following day). From the very beginning to the end, they made it seamless and smooth. Our guests love how unique and fun and yet relaxing our wedding was, which is truly what we strived to do from the very beginning. That would have not been possible without Opal 28's team.
Also, the food was fantastic! Maybe they should open a restaurant next door on the side ;) but seriously anything that you desire, their chef can make. We wanted crab cakes, they served them and they were so meaty, they were such a great hit! We also wanted to do a continuous-small plates kinda reception where each hour essentially different food comes out, and they made that flow so well! We also had different food vendors and they worked them in our reception so easily. We ended our evening with a late night snack, garlic fries with parmesan (again, not in their menu but their chef cooked it for us). It was so delicious! We do not have our pictures yet, but you bet we will post them here once we have them! - Karl Christie, 6/15/2017

We had our surprise wedding at Opal 28. It was so much fun! We had told our family and friends that we were inviting them to our wedding reception and that we were getting married at the Justice of the Peace earlier in the day. We worked with Margot and our wedding officiant to pull off the surprise, and exchanged vows that night. It went perfectly! And we thank Margot for being so wonderful to work with! Margot, I appreciate your timely and professional answers to my many questions! You were amazing to work with, and so flexible. We knew from the day we met you there to check the venue out that we liked you. You made our special day more special than we could have imagined. We trusted you with making it beautiful and enjoyable for us and our guests, and we are so happy we did.
Opal 28 is unique, beautiful, charming, and elegant. I describe it as very "Portland". At least my version of Portland. As our celebration went from evening to night, Opal 28 got even more beautiful and elegant.
Our food was delicious! Our guests kept coming up to us asking us if we tried this or that yet. The meatballs? The chicken? The cake balls? "Oh wait, let me go get you some of that. You have to try it!". Everything I tried was amazing! They packed up all the remaining food at the end of the night and we had leftovers for days.
If it sounds like I am gushing, I am. I very much enjoyed our celebration! Margot and her staff are directly responsible for that! The service was exceptional. Margot checked on me and my husband personally throughout the evening. Food was brought around cocktail-style frequently, plus the food that was out for guests to serve themselves. Her staff was very professional and friendly. And we were even able to provide our own wine for our celebration. Margot, once again, thank you very much for such a memorable surprise wedding!  - Joy & Roy, 10/9/2016

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