Bold Steps into New Territory: Wedding Experts Weigh in on Spring Trends

These trends are sure to make your special day a showstopper.
Written by
Nicole Wu

The past year has been a whirlwind of uncertainties and unexpected changes, especially for the wedding industry. Planning a wedding in normal times is always a daunting task - and in a global pandemic, it’s sure to be even crazier. But weddings have found new ways to adapt, allowing this celebration of love to prevail. Whether it is color palettes, floral arrangements, or guest lists, this season’s expert wedding planners, designers and florists have weighed in on the hottest trends to make your wedding a showstopper. From neutral tones to intimate gatherings, these ideas are sure to spark inspiration and set your wedding apart from the crowd.

Intimate Weddings Are Here To Stay
The Oregon wedding scene is taking bold steps into new territory. With elopements and micro weddings, smaller weddings allow couples to celebrate their love while still staying safe during the Covid-19 pandemic. Not only that, but Karalyn Demarest from Oregon Garden Resort points out, “Elopements also mean smaller weddings and more affordable, a win-win!” Micro weddings also keep the guest list smaller than a traditional wedding, making it safer and less expensive. Consider a local wedding for the spring season as well. As Karalyn notes, “Less travel for you and your guests, plus you get to support small businesses that have been affected by the pandemic.”

Yvonne Fyne-Nsofor with O-Mara predicts that brides will come out of this year full of uncertainty with bold and intentional looks. She says, “To achieve this they'll be taking on a more minimalistic approach to their individual style to be a guaranteed knockout."