Dark and Dreamy Inspiration at Brasada Ranch

Gwen Shoemaker Photography
A moody twist turns this styled shoot into a gothic fairytale
Written by
Audrey Pickering

This couple took a typical rustic barn wedding and made it over with a darker twist. Located in Central Oregon, Brasada Ranch provided a scenic location for this beautifully eccentric shoot that incorporated dark and bright, modern and vintage, edginess and elegance. Wedding planner Bree Denman of The Indigo Bride looked to exceed the expectations of traditional wedding style and worked with the couple and Photographer Gwen Shoemaker to capture that.

The Bride put a magnificent spin on the conventional wedding dress, with an intricate white, lace top but a flowing black sheer skirt from Sweet Caroline Styles. Emma Katzka provided her with elegant earrings but most stunning was the crystal tiara. Finishing off the look was hair and makeup done by Cassidy Elise, polished off with gold dust on the bride’s cheeks

Her groom looked just as striking, with a dark mauve suit from The Black Tux. The pair stood at their outdoor altar, bordered by pillars of roses and greenery from Posie Shoppe. The scenery surrounding them created the perfect backdrop for some eye-catching outdoor photos and an opportunity to show off their geometric wedding rings from Pavé, boxed by The Mrs Box.

Inside was just as picturesque with a rustic setting spruced up with modern touches. On the main table which was cloaked in black, velvet linen from La Tavola, was a wild display of roses, creating an ombre fade from ombré pinks to purples and reds. The black table settings were brightened with a flower and little disco balls, with blush, velvet linen napkins. For the happy couple, they used a vintage, grey high back loveseat, with modern acrylic chairs for the guests from Heirlooms and Co. who additionally provided all of the exquisite signage throughout the venue.

Behind this set-up is Brasada’s modern fireplace, complete with concrete, wood and steel accents. Atop the fireplace’s mantle was an array of pink pillar candles and greenery, paired with a custom-designed  “Lovestruck” neon sign from Brite Lite Tribe to perfectly complement the soft candlelight of the colored pillar candles.

Brasada also catered the delectable food for the cocktail hour, complete with finger-food and bright Brasada cocktails.

Next to the hors-d'oeuvres stood the stunning black wedding cake adorned with dark florals from Dreamin Desserts. To add some extra pizzazz, a hand-crafted red-paper overhang was added, complete with black balloons. Combined with brilliant florals and little disco balls, the table perfectly mixed moody and bright to create an ideal spot for celebration.

Finally, for the outdoor lounge was vintage seating with a modern mirror welcome sign, to give guests a place to relax and chat.

The couple also showed off the beautifully made Invitations from Letters and Dust that matched the unique vibe perfectly.

This shoot wonderfully encapsulated a bright yet moody aesthetic with an elegant blend of modern and vintage elements to create a one of a kind wedding experience.

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