Oregon Nature Inspires Three Different Invitation Suites in Elegant Styled Shoot

Styled Shoot
The vast splendor of Oregon offers a plethora of ideas, and these three different interpretations pay homage to a state of true beauty.
Written by
Megan Simpson Teeter

Into the Woods

A mesmerizing blend of natural splendor and tranquility, Oregon’s woods bestow a sense of serenity on those who wander through them. Lush and verdant, these forests seem to stretch on forever, filled with towering trees that have stood for centuries. The forest’s rich canopy, with its myriad shades of green, is reflected in this invitation suite by Letters & Dust, with golden sunlight filtering through a tapestry of cool-toned shadows on the forest floor. Delicate ferns and vibrant mosses carpet the ground, enhancing the ethereal quality of the landscape.

Designing a full suite is fun, translating a MOOD and COLORS into a form that is meaningful to the couple and tells their love STORY thematically.
– Brittany Hampton, owner of Letters & Dust

Blue Moods

The mountains of Oregon, with their profoundly rich colors, are a breathtaking sight. Towering peaks rise from the earth, their rugged faces etched with the designs of time. As the sun sets, the mountains are dipped into a palette of deep blues dotted with warmer tones of the flora. This stunning scene is captured in the hues of an invitation suite crafted by Oblation Papers & Press. With their soaring heights and majestic beauty, the Oregon mountains captivate the imagination and inspire a sense of wonder and peace in all who behold them.

The inspiration for this invitation suite came from FOGGY Oregon mornings that give way to BLUE skies, and our state flower, the OREGON grape.
– Sara Barber, designer at Oblation Papers & Press

Sea Beauty

The Pacific Ocean, as it meets the shores of Oregon, reveals a realm of undersea wonder and tranquility that’s exquisitely presented in this imaginative invitation suite by Crave Design. Here, the ocean whispers tales of the deep, its waves gently lapping against the rugged coastline. Beneath the surface, a vibrant world teems with diverse marine life and intricate ecosystems. The interplay of light and water creates an enchanting dance of colors and shadows, revealing an ever-changing landscape of coral reefs, kelp forests and sea creatures.

This design really focused on the textures created by the OCEAN and how the water changes and shapes the LANDSCAPE.
– Lisa Ignoffo, owner & designer of Crave Design




Sea Beauty Invitation Suite
Blue Moods Invitation Suite
Into the Woods Invitation Suite