Rent the Wedding Aisle

Introducing the new era of wedding shopping.
Written by
Chelsea Gibson


Oregon Bride Fall/Winter 2022

A new era of wedding shopping is here. While tuxedo and dress rentals have been on the scene for some time, Nova by Enaura is taking the budget-friendly, sustainable option a step further and offering veils for rent. Over the years, Enaura Bridal founder Sohil Mistry noticed that customers wanted accessories such as veils and belts, but they were reluctant to invest in pieces that would likely not be worn again. From classic fingertip veils to elegant cathedral-length showstoppers, Nova by Enaura offers more than 10 hand-beaded veils for rent and home trial. The brand also launched an at-home shopping experience for wedding dresses (for purchase, not rent) that uses an intuitive body measurement technique and also provides options for brides-to-be to try on at home with their friends and families. Saying yes to the dress and renting a veil from your living room? Talk about a win-win.