Spotlight: The Nines, A Luxury Collection Hotel, Portland

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Discover the Epitome of Elegance in the Heart of Downtown Portland
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Laura Cross

Nestled in the heart of Portland's vibrant downtown, an extraordinary wedding destination awaits – The Nines, A Luxury Collection Hotel, Portland. A masterpiece of modern luxury intertwined with timeless charm, The Nines sets the stage for unforgettable weddings that redefine opulence and romance. With its stunning wedding spaces, original artwork, and an ambiance that seamlessly marries contemporary aesthetics with nostalgic allure, The Nines is a venue that promises to elevate your special day to new heights.

Photo by Lana Prants
Photo by Lana Prants

A Tapestry of Spaces for Your Every Vision

Step into a world of possibilities as The Nines presents a diverse array of captivating spaces, each meticulously designed to accommodate both intimate gatherings and grand celebrations. Among the highlights is the Gallery Living Room – an intimate haven for smaller affairs of 20-80 attendees that bathes in natural light streaming through floor-to-ceiling windows. The modern chandeliers and panoramic views of the Portland cityscape create an ambiance that is both captivating and enchanting. Adjacent to this space, Departure's rooftop offers panoramic views, making it an ideal backdrop for first look photos and bridal portraits. 

For those who seek the pinnacle of elegance, the Cityview Living Room awaits, boasting natural lighting, modern crystal chandeliers, and sweeping city views. The white marble staircase serves as a breathtaking backdrop for your grand entrance, adding an air of sophistication to ceremonies, cocktail hours, and receptions.

However, the crown jewel of The Nines is undoubtedly the Nines Ballroom. With its awe-inspiring 7700 sq. ft. expanse, soaring 18-foot ceilings, and dazzling hand-blown Murano glass chandeliers, this grand ballroom is the epitome of luxury. The Nines Ballroom can accommodate anywhere from 50 to 500 attendees, providing a versatile canvas for your wedding dreams to come to life.

Photo by Jessica Hill Photography
Photo by Jessica Hill Photography

Culinary Artistry and Impeccable Service

Beyond the enchantment of its captivating venues, The Nines embraces a dedication to culinary artistry that is truly extraordinary. Food aficionados are in for a treat as they discover the locally sourced, gourmet menus meticulously crafted by the venue's seasoned culinary team. Embark on a gastronomic adventure that skillfully weaves together the finest, freshest ingredients with innovative concepts, resulting in dishes that tantalize the senses with their exquisite flavors and presentation. With an unbridled spirit of creativity, the culinary team's artistry knows no limits, ensuring that each plate is a symphony of taste and visual delight, a true masterpiece in its own right.

Guiding you every step of the way is The Nines' dedicated team of wedding specialists. From audio/visual arrangements to personalized event menus, every detail is meticulously planned and executed to ensure your wedding day is nothing short of perfection.

Photo by Jessica Hill Photography
Photo by Jessica Hill Photography

Embark on Your Wedding Journey at The Nines

The Nines is not just a wedding venue – it's an experience, a promise of luxury, and an invitation to create memories that will last a lifetime. Whether you envision an intimate affair or a grand celebration, The Nines' commitment to excellence ensures that every wedding held within its walls is a masterpiece of romance and elegance.

Begin your journey of wedding enchantment at The Nines and discover a world where modern luxury meets timeless romance. Let your love story unfold in the midst of impeccable service, breathtaking venues, and cherished moments that will stand the test of time. Your dream wedding awaits at The Nines – where every detail is designed to exceed your every whim.

Photo by Jessica Hill Photography
Photo by Jessica Hill Photography

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