Why You Should Hire a Makeup Artist

Written by
Megan McCarty Brittany Cox

Why should a bride choose a makeup artist rather than doing her normal makeup routine?
“A good makeup artist will use subtle tones that suit the bride’s skin tones and hair color, using makeup colors and application techniques that will look good both in natural light and artificial. Another necessity is adding contouring to the face that brings structure to features that may otherwise get lost in photographs. These things are essential for photos and lasting wear.”
—Miranda McCarthy,
Epic Day Spa

What kind of service can you expect from a makeup artist on your wedding day?
“Many makeup artists offer both in-studio and wedding-venue makeup application. On-site service is a great option for bridal parties, or brides who hire their makeup artist to stay for touch-ups between the wedding service, picture taking, the reception or dress changes. Beforehand you can expect a wedding-day trial run as well as a skin evaluation.” —Jessica Belknap, makeup artist

How important is a makeup trial run?
“A trial run is highly recommended for the bride. This is specifically offered to give the bride-to-be peace of mind, and get her well acquainted with the amount of makeup she could be wearing on her wedding day. Doing this alongside getting her hair trial on the same day allows the bride to get a real glimpse into her actual wedding day look.” —Jennifer Walker, Face Body Beauty

Do you use special techniques to make wedding-day makeup look best in photography?
“Some of the most important things I do for photos are contouring and highlighting the bride correctly: tight-lining the lash line and applying individual false lashes. Spraying the face with a sealer also helps so the bride can wear her makeup for 24-plus hours with very little touch-ups.”  —Nicole Wagner, Powder Inc.