Adorned with Nature: Wear Your Wedding Day Flowers With Unique Creations From Petal & Clay

Written by
Abbie Burgess

With miniature wearable vases, there’s a new way to adorn yourself with flowers on your wedding day. The unique handmade jewelry by Petal and Clay in City Town can be filled with small clippings of your wedding flowers. “My bridesmaids all wore different dresses, so I enjoyed that the necklaces and flowers pulled them all together,” says Oregon bride Erin Heinemann, who used dried flowers and sprigs of baby’s breath for her rustic September wedding. The groomsmen were decked out in Petal and Clay boutonnieres. Heinemann says she still wears her own vase necklace, filling it based on her mood and what’s blooming. Other brides have chosen Petal and Clay necklaces, boutonnieres and bolo ties for parents and other guests of honor. Created by Rose Otter in her Southeast Portland home studio, the clay vases were inspired by her desire to keep a bit of nature close to her heart in the midst of life in the city. “I love the idea of wearing nature as jewelry,” the artist says. Each piece is hand-molded, kiln-fired, glazed and accented with 14K gold or a colorful design.