Beautiful Bridal Lashes: Everything You Need to Know

Written by
Megan McCarty Taylor Ellsworth

When it comes to big-day beauty treatments, there are a few things worth splurging on. First and foremost, every bride can benefit from a professional makeup application to ensure her in-person beauty translates into the photos of the day that will live on long after “I do’s” are exchanged. However, professionally lengthened lashes, while not as obvious of a splurge, can be a huge bridal confidence booster and add a major dose of glam to any bridal look. Says Kimmie Nguyen, lash expert, esthetician and owner of Miss Knockout beauty bar in Portland, “I have a passion for lashes because of my own lack of natural lashes.” For a bride with glowing skin and a beautiful makeup application, lash extensions are “the icing on the cake."

Kimmie Nguyen, owner of Miss Knockout

 Why eyelash extensions instead of falsies?

Lash extensions are great for looking glam on your special day, but they serve a practical function as well—until they grow out, lash extensions negate the need for mascara and a lash curler—perfect for brides who want a low-maintenance, “I woke up like this” honeymoon beauty routine without sacrificing feeling pretty. Lash extensions can also provide a much more natural look than falsies, whose thick base can't always be hidden under makeup. Plus, no bride wants to worry about crying off her lashes if she gets emotional during the ceremony (or sweaty during the reception)!

Can eyelash extensions look natural?

A professional lash extension application “can be as natural or as dramatic as you want them to be,” says Nguyen. The most important thing is to communicate with your lash artist about what you want—schedule a consultation ahead of the big day, and come prepared with photos of your desired lash look.

Left: Boone Rodriguez of Gabriel Boone Photography; right: Mike Larson Photography

What are my options?

When it comes to materials, mink lashes tend to be the softest and most natural looking, but silk lashes can be styled to look natural as well. Synthetic lashes are the longest-lasting but offer the least natural look. Many salons also offer lash lift and tint services, which tints your own natural lashes black and keeps them curled. For brides interested in more bang for their buck, this service often comes at a lower price than a set of extensions, and the look lasts for about six to eight weeks—more than double the three-week staying power of extensions. Adds Nguyen, “there is zero aftercare needed for this style of lash.”

Top: Mink eyelash extensions on top and bottom lashes; bottom: lash lift & tint; photos courtesy of Miss Knockout

When should lash extensions be applied?

When it comes to application, the closer to the wedding day, the better. Says Nguyen, “The majority of our brides have their lash extensions put on close to their wedding day so that they look amazing during their honeymoon, keeping the maintenance to a minimum.”

Says Nguyen “If you own a bottle of mascara, you love your lashes and want them to make a statement, then lash extensions are perfect for you.” By our count, that means pretty much every bride can benefit from a lovely set of extensions.

 Oregon brides can make appointments at Miss Knockout by calling (503) 412-9090 or visiting their website.

"Our most popular services are our Knockout Natural Silk Lashes ($175) and our Ultra Thick Lashes ($210), which are the individual lash extension style, along with our Doll Bundles ($50) and now our Double Up! Doll Bundles."

Miss Knockout also offers lash lift & tint services starting at $65, amongst numerous other skincare and lash treatments. Bonus tip—all same-day appointments made during “Happy Hour” on Mondays and Wednesdays between 1:00 – 4:00pm are 30% off!