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From tabletops to bridal accessories, dainty florals in shades of purple make a big impact.
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Lara M. Burnap


Oregon Bride Spring/Summer 2023

Oversize centerpieces and billowing bouquets in neutral tones have been leading the way down the aisle recently, but with an eye on both budget and sustainability, restrained and elegant florals are stepping into the limelight—and color is key for making these designs memorable. “We have seen neutrals designed quite heavily the past few years, and now color is making a comeback,” says Amanda Galbraith of Amanda Claire & Co. “Pastel purple hues are luxurious, romantic and incredibly interesting to pull in for tonality.” And flowers are no longer reserved only for arrangements, as Morgan Westerberg-Jackson of Blomstra Floral Co. in Bend demonstrates by designing delicate accessories from fresh blooms. More significantly, as a floriographer, Morgan also incorporates the language of flowers in her work. “The basis of the language of flowers is the idea that each flower contains a certain energetic frequency that can be felt by those who handle it.” Thus, the dark purple earrings feature stock flowers which indicate a feeling of contentment or a happy life. “Obviously on a wedding day the affection will come through,” says Morgan. “But the quiet promise of a happy life together is a nice energy to feel that day.”

"I love the SYMBOLISM purple pastels bring to the creative process, as they celebrate HEALING, innocence, purity of heart, faithfulness, SERENITY, virtue, grace and peace of mind."
–Amanda Galbraith, Amanda Claire & Co.



 "Celebrating individual flowers in a minimal way can still look LUXURIOUS and MODERN. An intimate and dainty floral design can bring the eye to the actual bloom, allowing each flower to take CENTER STAGE and shine."
–Amanda Galbraith of Amanda Claire & Co.


"Floral accessories are BEAUTIFUL and UNIQUE--they are a way to showcase flowers as ART. Back pieces, floral necklaces, sashes, headpieces, even shoes are such a FUN WAY to include flowers that go beyond what anyone would EXPECT TO SEE."
–Morgan Westerberg-Jackson of Blomstra Floral Co.


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