Pink Disco Wedding With Bohemian Influences at Peninsula Park Rose Garden

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Inspired by a famous '70s disco nightclub, Morgan and Andrew's wedding was a delightful showcase of style.
Written by
Megan Simpson Teeter


Oregon Wedding Day Spring/Summer 2024

Having met at a mutual friend’s intimate potluck, Morgan Geiger and Andrew Milner decided to organize a unique celebration of their own to mark their marriage. For their wedding, the bride had a vivid vision filled with “color and good vibes.” The couple’s shared passion for Portland’s music scene influenced their laser focus on the most important aspect of the big day: dancing with friends and family. From there, a vibrant motif unfolded, characterized by shades of pink and uniquely romantic inspiration drawn from the renowned ’70s disco nightclub Studio 54 in New York City. On the big day, guests took their seats at the Peninsula Park Rose Garden, facing a fresh and funky altar flanked by two uniquely beautiful columns consisting of tropical fronds, tall stalks of decorative grasses, roses and party elements. Morgan’s creative spirit shone through in the floral arrangements, signs and installations she had crafted. Her fondness for crafting became a labor of love, infusing her and Andrew’s wedding with distinctly personal touches. In addition to the décor, Morgan’s look reflected her spirit, with a petal-laden veil and a long, winding floral headpiece. Following the ceremony, the celebration began in earnest with a vibrant cocktail hour that was the embodiment of the “pink disco party” theme. Disco balls, pampas grass and roses adorned the venue, setting the stage for a blowout celebration as guests who made up the couple’s inner circle of self-proclaimed “Burning Man” types danced to their favorite tunes. As the night drew to a close, the newlyweds shared a tender last dance, capping off a day that perfectly reflected their love story. 

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