Art Sets the Tone for this Modern Wedding Design

Lauryn Kay Photography
Amber and slate hues take center stage in this romantic wedding at Kimpton RiverPlace Hotel.
Written by
Lara Burnap


Oregon Bride Spring/Summer 2021

“Dutch paintings, nautical elements and exotic spices, our love story is one that is both of a bygone era, yet perfect for a modern bride,” says Marisa Kozak Ringe of Revel Petals. The delicate design is a subtle ode to the Dutch masters with a color scheme based on Johannes Vermeer’s iconic painting “Girl with a Pearl Earring.” Textures such as those of the rabbitbrush among the florals, the rippled three-tiered cake and stylish leather chairs, add extravagance to classic details.

The bouquet features a mix of roses, clematis, acacia, rattlesnake ginger and rabbitbrush. Amber and slate hues take center stage in the ceremony design, which is fashioned from a foam-free mix of dried and fresh flowers.

The invitation suite includes envelopes hand-addressed in gold calligraphy, detail cards printed with white ink and a custom watercolor design on the invitations. Cups of hot cider are adorned with cinnamon sticks and star anise flowers.

Nautical touches and spices have been woven into the décor, among them glass fishing floats and flower arrangements accented with arching sprays of ginger.

The hanging installation above the tabletop incorporates dried golden ferns, sage and rattlesnake ginger, creating a fusion of alpine, desert and tropical origins that harks back to 17th-century Dutch maritime trade.

A pearl engagement ring is the perfect homage to Vermeer’s painting. Vows are artfully displayed as messages in a bottle; An homage to the sea, Dream Cakes added a subtle wave to the sophisticated three-tiered white cake adorned with flowers.