Chinese Art Inspires Exquisite Nuptials at Trinity Episcopal Cathedral

Real Wedding
Christina & Chad's wedding paid homage to their melding cultures with symbolic florals and décor.
Written by
Chelsea Gibson


Oregon Bride Fall/Winter 2023

Christina Sun and Chad Heltzel’s wedding day was a melting pot of their two cultures. The décor and design of the day incorporated chinoiserie, along with the “Four Gentlemen” often depicted in Chinese art. Chinoiserie, by definition, is “the imitation or evocation of Chinese motifs and techniques in Western art, furniture and architecture, especially in the 18th century,” so it was naturally the perfect choice from which to draw inspiration that honored both of their heritages. The “Four Gentlemen,” or four flowers, are known to be common in Chinese art because of their beauty and symbolism. These symbolic blooms were woven through the design scape, making their mark in floral arrangements, the bridal bouquet, boutonnières, the stationery suite, table details and a custom monogram. Also, each of the four groomsmen and four bridesmaids was assigned one of the “Four Gentlemen” flowers, and their assigned flower was embroidered on ties for the groomsmen and custom qipaos and hand fans for the bridesmaids. For the colorful reception décor, tabletops featured mismatched antique chinoiserie plates, candlesticks and vases (some of which displayed the Chinese symbol for double happiness). The motif even continued to the smallest of details, such as Christina’s chinoiserie-style limited-edition Gucci lipstick and a hand-drawn chinoiserie pattern on their wedding cake.

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