East Meets West

Inspired by ancient Chinese architecture and gardens, Indigo Event Design creates a transformative destination wedding experience at Lan Su Chinese Garden in Portland.
Written by
Chelsea Gibson


Oregon Bride Spring/Summer 2022

"Don’t be afraid to look outside of the box of typical wedding venues. CULTURAL centers, MUSEUMS and GARDENS are often BEAUTIFUL SPACES to have a local wedding with a DESTINATION feel."

—Rebecca Foster, Indigo Event Design

A gorgeous tablescape swathed in royal blue is striking against the rich architectural surroundings. The elongated setup springs to life with lush, textural floral arrangements of anthurium, orchids and cherry blossom branches. Vintage Chinese silk napkins depict Chinese architectural elements, mountainside waterfalls, and local flora and fauna, while gold-rimmed plates and flatware bring elegant luster to the place settings. The Chinese symbol of double happiness and the folds of a Chinese fan—reflected in the intricate stationery suite—are also woven throughout the floral and table elements.

"If you want to have a high-end destination WEDDING FEEL without it being kitsch, the KEY is to INFUSE elements of your destination that give an EXOTIC feel without being literal."

—Rebecca Foster, Indigo Event Design 

One bride is dressed in a traditional Chinese-style headpiece and a two-piece bridal garment called long feng gua. This long feng gua features five embroidered bats, which represent five different Chinese blessings. The other bride wears an off-the-shoulder, form-fit- ting Amsale gown accessorized with a brilliant floral take on a traditional headdress.

"When trying to create a destination feel within a LOCAL landscape, it’s more IMPORTANT than ever to pay attention to even the small details. Remember that you are trying to CREATE a total EXPERIENCE for your guests, not just something PRETTY."

—Rebecca Foster, Indigo Event Design

Koi fish, which hold special significance in Chinese culture, are hand-painted on the bride’s shoes, incorporated into the design of the invitations and nestled among rice paper elements on the masterful wedding cake.







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