Oregon Wedding Venues with a View

How to take advantage of the most beautiful of locations on your big day.
Written by
Sara Hubbard

Choosing a venue is one of the most important decisions to be made when bringing a wedding together. The location of your celebration largely determines the overall atmosphere and feel that you and your guests will remember for years to come. A venue, particularly when defined by having a show-stopping view, can act as the ultimate piece of décor and serve as the inspiration for the rest of your wedding’s design.

There is an art to perfectly highlighting a picturesque locale, and we’ve consulted with the experts on not only the best venues but tricks to make them look straight out of your dreams.


"When you're working with the majesty of all Oregon has to offer, it's hard not to design a day featuring the great backdrop of the Pacific Northwest. Ditch the giant trestle wood altars and keep that install simple. Incorporate nature as much as possible with climbing a tree installation if you're tying the knot in front of one, or stand-alone floral towers that frame whatever vista you're working with," says Ashley Lachney, owner of Alston Mayger Events.


"If your reception is outdoors as well, hire a great lighting company to focus the glow of your event and prevent light pollution so guests can steal away to enjoy the night sky or sunset together. Another great option for those in a canopy or forested area is to ask your lighting company to uplight and feature a few trees which will add a really magical element to the night," says Ashley. 


"Del Mar Villa is an amazing up-and-coming venue in Dundee that just has amazing views all over," says Danielle Phan, owner of Danielle Nichole Events. "No matter where you look this venue offers unique and beautiful views. It can be of the home or it can be of the river or the gardens on the grounds or even the grove of hazelnut trees. With finding an outdoor venue with views, it's important to look for a venue that can offer multiple views and looks for when it comes time for portraits or different spots to highlight your ceremony."


"One of our favorite parts of any wedding day is capturing sunset footage of you and your partner surrounded by beautiful scenery," says Marc Roste of Moving Pictures. "So be sure to plan time for portraits with your video and photo team just before sunset to capture the backdrop in the best light!"

Also, "Make sure your videographer films the venue and surrounding area with a drone, as this provides a beautiful, cinematic perspective of your day," says Marc.


"Guests at Ironlight transition between indoor and outdoor spaces through sliding glass doors opening onto two separate rooftop terraces," says Sonal Haladay of Ironlight. "If you are looking for a venue with a view, you don’t always need to travel outside of the Portland metropolitan area – there are a variety of venues that offer stunning views. If you have guests traveling into Portland from out of town, a venue with a view is the perfect way to introduce them to the beautiful Pacific Northwest."