Sustainable Style: Venue Tour

Give back on your wedding day at these eight eco-friendly venues.
Written by
Emily Sweet


Oregon Bride Spring/Summer 2022

Oregon's immense natural beauty and endless landscapes set a strikingly green scene for an eco-friendly wedding. With several environmentally conscious venues throughout the state, the opportunities to give back to the Earth on your special day are ample. From the use of recycled materials in construction to renewable energy sources, these eight eco-friendly venues bring environmentalism to your wedding day while delivering breathtaking backdrops. There is something for every couple on this list; whether it’s a nature retreat or a downtown haven, these venues are guaranteed to wow.


Sustainability is the name of the game for the team at FivePine Lodge in Sisters. The contemporary yet rustic ambiance of the premises lends itself to the plentiful green initiatives in place at this Oregon getaway. A minimal-impact approach was taken in the building construction on the property, with structures rising among the trees to preserve the forest setting as much as possible. The hotel also has a property-wide recycling center, eco-friendly amenities, and energy-efficient cooling and heating. With both indoor and outdoor spaces, the venue can accommodate as many as 200 guests and offers dazzling views. FivePine is committed to supporting local growers and local businesses as much as possible through its initiatives.


At its core, Mt. Hood Organic Farms is about family. The family-owned and -operated property, situated at the base of Mount Hood, is surrounded by natural beauty and scenic landscapes. In 1981, when John
and Brady Jacobson began working the orchards, they made a commitment to sustainable land use and organic farming. The farm was certified as fully organic in 1989, making it the first in the valley to receive that distinction. Taking their sustainable initiatives and their commitment to organic farming a step further, the Jacobsons then became certified biodynamic growers. Just off Oregon Route 35, this destination feels like a hidden paradise, with more than 200 acres of nature for guests to explore.


In its various event spaces, the Ecotrust Building prioritizes the environment down to the smallest details. The building is the first historical renovation in the nation to receive LEED Gold certification and also has earned Earth Advantage certification. Much of the energy used throughout the space is generated by solar panels, and the building’s staff works to ensure weddings and other events leave a minimal carbon footprint. The team behind the Ecotrust Building is all about sustainability, down to the sustainable wood cladding on the walls in some of the event spaces. There are three spaces to choose from for weddings, including a rooftop terrace, deemed by Ecotrust as “our very own park in the sky.”


Located amidst the buzz of downtown Salem, the Salem Convention Center offers stunning event spaces that adhere to sustainable practices. Since 2008, the property has been certified as an EarthWISE building, meaning the center has met regulations for a variety of sustainability- and energy-related measures set by Marion County. Recycled materials are used throughout the spaces, down to the materials for the floors. All food waste is composted on the property, and excess food is donated to the Union Gospel Mission of Salem to further minimize waste. For weddings, the center focuses on making couples’ wedding visions a reality, whether those celebrations are large or intimate.


Developed with the intention of showcasing the Pacific Northwest as a natural haven, the Salishan Coastal Lodge also holds sustainability as a key objective. Envisioned by John Gray, the property was built with the environment in mind, harmonizing with the natural resources of the region. Landscape designers also worked with local flora and fauna to make the Salishan feel as if it were growing up from the surrounding coastal forest. The property offers couples more than 16,000 square feet of rustic yet elegant indoor and outdoor space for weddings.


Sokol Blosser has three priorities for its winery: people, planet and profit. Its sustainability missions earned it the status of a certified B Corp in 2015, and efforts to prioritize sustainability have only increased since then. The winery was the first in the world to receive LEED certification for its barrel cellar and implements other green initiatives that include solar panels and renewable wind power. Wine-growing practices in the certified organic vineyard are eco-friendly, and a commitment to reducing waste is a top priority for the winery. In addition to being “green,” the property also offers beautiful views for your wedding day, with stunning surroundings that are well-suited to any wedding event.


With a goal of redefining luxury and hospitality, the dazzling Allison Inn and Spa gives a new spin on environmentalism. Located in the foothills of the Willamette Valley, the resort combines sustainable elements with modern amenities. The Allison Inn and Spa has been awarded LEED Gold certification, and its construction led to a net agricultural gain, meaning more trees and vegetation were planted
than removed in the process of building. Other green initiatives include solar-generated hot water, the use of photovoltaic cells for some electricity, and no plastic water bottles. Ideal for an Oregon wine country wedding, the Allison Inn and Spa can accommodate as many as 150 guests and offers couples lush views of Oregon’s natural beauty.


With a mission to “create and inspire champions of sustainable forestry,” the World Forestry Center offers couples an eco-friendly venue immersed in nature. Known for hosting a plethora of environmental-related events, including a Timberland Investment Conference and a wildfire summit, the center is committed to finding ways to mitigate and address climate change and preserve the environment. Couples are sure to enjoy abundant photo ops at this breathtaking venue. Situated only a few minutes from downtown Portland, this oasis has a variety of banquet halls and outdoor event spaces for pulling off an eco-friendly wedding.