Understated Elegance at Crag Rat Hut Wedding in Hood River

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Karli and Jakub's rustic nuptials paired majestic mountain views with jewel-toned décor.
Written by
Megan Simpson Teeter


Oregon Wedding Day Spring/Summer 2024

In the wooded setting of Crag Rat Hut, Karli and Jakub’s love story, which began as a chance meeting in a college dorm, entered its most enchanting chapter. The couple’s vision for their wedding was one of understated elegance; nature’s vibrant and neutral hues formed the canvas that accentuated the majestic mountain vistas, creating a natural yet refined design. Each detail was carefully chosen to complement their surroundings, from bunches of assorted wildflowers lining the aisle to the rustic signage. Following bridesmaids bedecked in jewel-tone dresses, the bride descended the exterior staircase for the ceremony wearing a detailed sheath dress with a plunging neckline and an elegant train. Karli and Jakub exchanged heartfelt vows against the backdrop of the rugged wilderness. Going into the celebration, friends and family signed a picturesque Pacific Northwest coffee table book that doubled as a guest book. Slab pies and checkered pie paper added a sweet retro nod to the setting and hinted at sweet beginnings. As the sun began its descent, tradition met merriment with a Polish toast, a bow to Jakub’s heritage. “There are two shots on the table; one is vodka and the other water,” the bride explains. “Whoever gets the one with vodka is in charge of the house, the one who makes all the rules!” The delightful result: Jakub sipped water while Karli held the vodka—and her declaration was met with cheers from the crowd. The golden hour created a warmly romantic setting for an interlude at the mobile bar and a moment of reflection for Karli and Jakub. On the softly lit patio, attendees got their groove on with the new Mr. and Mrs., before a few friends went old-school and tied empty cans to the back of the newlyweds’ Subaru getaway car. 

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