The Love Language of Your Wedding Florals

Add some hidden meanings to your big day with your flowers.
Written by
Taylor Ellsworth


Spring/Summer 2021

Blomstra Floral Co. owner and designer Morgan Jackson is no stranger to storytelling. As an avid reader, Jackson has always been drawn to literary symbolism, so when she learned about floriography-the language of flowers - after graduating from Portland’s Floral Design Institute, she dove in headfirst. Jackson now applies her in-depth knowledge to offer couples an approach that she calls “floral storytelling” to create designs that are deeply imbued with personal meaning.

Floriography has been practiced across cultures for centuries, and in the Victorian era, lovers often relied on the language of flowers to communicate the sentiments they couldn't express with words. Some elements of this tradition remain popular in modern culture, such as red roses, which represent true love. However, like any language, floriography is nuanced, and when florals are combined, meanings shift and change, which is where Jackson's expertise comes in. To become fluent in floriography, Jackson studied global mythology and Victorian literature, and still scours the internet for ancient or obscure tomes of folklore. 

This wealth of research, combined with interviews with couples, inform which blooms each bride and groom's particular love story. To commemorate the big day, couples receive a “translation” document detailing their flowers’ meanings. Says, Jackson “The most important thing about floriography is that it’s flexible. Very few flowers have one single meaning, which allows us to incorporate couples’ tastes and tell a unique story when we create their designs.” Jackson chooses every flower with intention to satisfy her customers, who range from literary brides and grooms, nature lovers and die-hard romantics to couples who simply want something truly unique on their wedding day. 

  • Anemones- Symbolize anticipation and excitement. Include these in a bouquet to say “I can’t wait to marry you!”
  • Dahlias, in combination with, Blue Hyacinth- Carry a sweet message of everlasting love. 
  • Eucalyptus- Offers a promise of protection, while also symbolizing the banishment of negativity. 
  • Orange Roses- Signify a couples’ fascination with one another, and together with Lavender Roses, bear the message “You are my mystery.” 
  • Orchids- A symbol of luxurious beauty, signifying a life of prosperity. 
  • Pale Pink Roses- Offer a promise of extending grace to one another. 
  • Peach Roses- Symbolize the union of two souls.
  • Ranunculus- Is used to communicate a love that is held close to your heart or to say “You are always in my heart.”
  • Rosemary- Lets your beloved know, “Your presence revives me.”